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  • 4th SOLEZ partner meeting and Mid-term review meeting, Sárvár

    SOLEZ project | Interreg Central Europe Programme

    The 4th SOLEZ partner meeting and Mid-term review meeting took place between 12-14 March 2018 in Sárvár, Hungary hosted by SOLEZ project partner Pannon Business Network Association.

    The SOLEZ project is supported by Interreg Central Europe Programme funded under the European Regional Development Fund.

    SOLEZ project website:

  • Techno and InnoCamp – 'Smart Services' conference

    15.11.2017, Szombathely (Hungary)
    INKREASE project – Interreg Europe Programme
    3DCentral project – Interreg Central Europe Programme

    The Techno and InnoCamp took place on 15th November 2017 in Szombathely hosted by the ELTE Savaria University Center under the coordination of Pannon Business Network.

  • UpGradeSME Kick-off meeting

  • The image film of the Professio Metal Industry and Vocational Cluster | Hungary

    PROFESSIO Cluster |
    Pannon Business Network |

    The video is realized in frame of the CLOUD international project.
    'CLOUD - CLusters Orientation towards Up-to-date technologies and models for common Development'

    Official website of the CLOUD project:
     Official website of the SOUTH EAST EUROPE program:

  • PROthermae local workshop, 10.12.2014, Szombathely (HU)

    PROthermae project |
    Cross-border Cooperation Programme Austria - Hungary 2007-2013 |

  • ’Automotives and Mechatronics’ Bilateral B2B event and Study tour Study tour at Magna Steyr Graz and Siemens Graz

    9th December 2014 | Graz, Austria
    Organized by PBN

    CLOUD – CLusters Orientation towards Up-to-date technologies and models for common Development
    Official website of the project:
    Official website of the SOUTH EAST EUROPE program:

  • DIFASS Final Conference, 23rd September 2014, Budapest, Hungary

    Organized by PBN •
    DIFASS – Development of interregional financial assistance to SMEs and of non-grant instruments • INTERREG IVC program

    Official website of the project:
    DIFASS Youtube channel:
    Official website of the INTERREG IVC program:


    MESSE: Mechanism for Enhancement of Synergy and Sustainability among Enterprises

  • INNOVAL Project by PBN

    INNOVAL – Interregional Innovation Leaders
    Main goal: facilitation of product- and service ideas in the field of mechatronics, especially in AAL.
    Over 40 ideas collected 12 ideas constantly facilitated, professionally and financially
    For 5 ideas, a financial and professional feasibility studies generated.

    ACTUAL EVENT Final conference of the INNOVAL project in Győr, 11. 06. 2014

  • InCompass Thematic Seminar and Study Visit in Hungary Download

    INCOMPASS – Regional Policy Improvement for Financially sustainable creative incubations units

  • Fókuszban az energia

    ERASME - Energy Audits in SMEs
    Intelligent Energy Europe Programme
    Duration of the project: 01.04.2012. – 31.12.2014.
    Awarding ceremony – 09.05.2014., Szombathely (HU)
    Awarding of national prize for the most energy efficient company from Hungary

  • TR3S 2nd Living lab kitchen

    Quality of life. Liveable environment. Value creation. These are the key elements of the "Successful Vas County" program.

    PBN has implemented the process of planning on the basis of the best methodology of European Union. The main feature is that more than 70 professionals, in seven thematic working groups for months, have defined the breaking points jointly with the local policy, on which the development strategy of Vas County 2014-2020 is based.

    The plan ensures the adaptation for global processes and at the same time build upon the local resources, all in one unit integrated. The thematic emphasis: business development, support of human resources and food production based on environment, tourism. The best realization of national targets is based on active expression of opinions, involvement and cooperation.

  • EMPIRIC Business Café Meeting II., 20.11. 2013

    Port visit in Port of Koper organized by PBN
    'EMPIRIC – Enhancing Multimodal Platforms, Inland waterways and Railways services Integration in Central Europe'
    CENTRAL EUROPE Programme

  • TR3S – IVC Transfer Lab, 30th May 2013, Vienna

    TR3S – IVC Transfer Lab Video Spot
  • PBN – Your Partner in development

  • C-PLUS – SMEs on Screen – Pannon Thermal Cluster

    C-PLUS – Pannon Thermal Cluster Vvideo Spot
  • 4th SOLEZ partner meeting
  • Techno and InnoCamp
  • UpGradeSME Kick-off meeting
  • CLOUD – PROFESSIO Image film
  • PROthermae
  • INNOVAL Project by PBN
  • inCompass
  • Fókuszban az energia
  • TR3S 2nd Living lab kitchen
  • EMPIRIC Business Café Meeting II.
  • TR3S – IVC Transfer Lab
  • PBN – Your Partner in development
  • C-PLUS