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Transnational Network for the Promotion of the Water-Ground Multimodal Transport

Name: Transnational Network for the Promotion of the Water-Ground Multimodal Transport



Time: 12.03.2009. – 28.02.2012.

Goal: The project objective is to promote the coordination between actors dealing with logistics for a better management of the transport policies and an efficient implementation of the multimodal logistics cooperation, especially exploiting the ground/water connections. The project will therefore highlight the potentials of the waterways crossing the area, contributing to the full integration of the maritime and river transport in the logistics chain.

Partners: Venice Port Authority, Veneto region, Ancona Port Authority, Levante Port Authority (Bari, Monopoli and Barletta ports), Austrian Mobility Research, Luka Koper, port and logistic system, d.d., European Community Business and Innovation Centre of Attika, Port Authority of Alexandroupolis, OLA SA, Executive Agency Maritime Administration, National Company Maritime Ports Administration SA Constantza, University of Novi Sad, Faculty of Technical Sciences, Alma Mons Regional Agency for small and medium enterprises Alma Mons d.o.o., Novi Sad, Port of Bar, Durres Port Authority

PBN’s activity: Pannon Business Network takes part in each of the workpackages during the whole project duration. As a part of the project management PBN provides the needed human resources for the project. PBN has a special responsibility in the project as the leader of workpackage 4 (Network for the Multimodal Transport) during the project implementation. In this workpackage PBN will coordinate the activities and take part in the technical implementation as well.


Project manager: Ms Beáta Bogátiné Szij