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Introducing innovation Inside SMEs

Name: Introducing innovation Inside SMEs

Acronym: I3SME

Duration: oktober 2008. – march 2011.

Objectives: The elaboration and application of a comparative benchmarking analysis system for SMEs which enables the development in innovation through the promotion and adaptation of the best sectorial and regional examples.

Partners: Province of Bologna; CNA Regional Association of Emilia Romagna; Autonomous Province of Trento; Start-up & Service Centre Fürstenfeld; Brandenburg Economic Development Board; South Transdanubian Regional Development Agency; Agencja Rozwoju Regionalnego SA; TechnoCenter at University of Maribor

Activity of PBN: The involvement of Hungarian micro-, small- and medium sized enterprises into the international development process and the building of a new partnership network.

Possible activities of PBN partners: With sectorial focus the share of existing benchmarking experiences and the assistance by business networking between SMEs of the partner countries.

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Projektmanager: Andrea Kurucz

'The project is realized in the CENTRAL EUROPE program with the cofinancing of the Hungarian Republic.'