C-PLUS – Thermal bathes in cooperation

On the 27th February the transnational forum of the West-Transdanubian, Austrian and Styrian spas were organized in Bad Waltersdorf Austria in the frame of the C-PLUS project.

On the forum of Austrian and Hungarian thermal baths of the region the parties agreed that joint efforts for the market penetration need to be taken. An important element of this is the creation of common quality training of human resources, common labor market and energy efficient operations. The interest on integrated tourism and cultural programs and the development of a common communication channel was also defined by the invited participants.

In the spirit of refreshing old ties, launching dialogues, exchanging experience, creating possible and desirable market and technical cooperation, preparing for the 2014-2020 EU financial support period, Gründer- und Servicezentrum Fürstenfeld, Business and Innovation Centre Burgenland and Pannon Business Network Association organized a forum in Bad Waltersdorf for the thermal baths of West Pannon region, Burgenland and Styria. The representatives of the umbrella organizations Pannon Thermal Cluster and Thermenland Styria participated in the program and presented their organization history, activities, the current market situation and developments of the thermal market.

In the second part Balázs Barta, the representative of Pannon Business Network presented the results of the innovation benchmarking analysis conducted in the framework of C-PLUS project among the region’s thermal baths. He highlighted the strengths, weaknesses and opportunities of the thermal sector.

The success of thermal baths is based on the mapping and understanding of their operational strengths and weaknesses.

Then the participants of the forum get acquainted with services that promote the optimization of the operation of small and medium-sized enterprises, especially in the field of human resources management, energy management, and IT solutions. These three factors greatly influence the effectiveness and reasonable cost-saving for the business. The invited experts emphasized that with the understanding of the business process the quality of daily job can be significantly improved, the energy consumption can be reduced and with the introduction of advanced IT systems the process can be more transparent and controllable. All of these can further improve business results.

In the third part of the event a good example of cross-border health tourism cooperation was presented for the audience. The Regio Vitalis project supported in the SI-AT territorial cooperation program highlighted the results and findings made by the involved Austrian and Slovenian project partners in the topic of health tourism which is a significant direction for all spas.

Then, the participants joined into small working groups (Austrian and Hungarian participants together) to discuss the challenges and plans for the 2014-2020 EU financial support period and define the topics which they consider to be essential for the common future development of the thermal sector. As the closure of the common work the speakers of the small groups presented their ideas to the audience. The results of the interactive program indicated that the common quality training of human resources, common labour market, common communication channel and integrated tourism and cultural program is important for both the Hungarian and Austrian participants and provides possibility for future cooperation projects.

The meeting was closed by a study trip to Bad Blumau thermal bath, which gives a perfect example of the sophisticated marketing, innovation, delivery of human values and smart business leadership.

A C-PLUS nemzetközi projekt célja a Nyugat-dunántúli Régióban működő, kiválasztott klaszterek és tagvállalkozásaik gazdasági környezetének vizsgálata, a bevont vállalkozások innovációs szintjének és gazdasági versenyképességének feltérképezése, ezáltal a legjobb gyakorlatok beazonosítása és a bevont régiókra alkalmazható innovációs akciótervek kidolgozása valamint pilot projektek megvalósítása.

"The project is implemented in the CENTRAL EUROPE Program with the co-financing of the European Union and Hungary"