ADB multiplatform - Create a multimodal logistic centre!

The Pannon Business Network Association (PBN) took part in the 3rd SC meeting of ADB multiplatform project, which was held on 22-23th May in Romania, Constanta.

The event was really successful for PBN, because it was a huge headway regarding the implementation of regional multimodal development center (MDC). Our organization is responsible for the implementation of the West-Hungarian multimodal logistic center. During the meeting it was discussed that PBN will hold a regional workshop on this autumn. The main objective of these workshops is to invite the national/local stakeholders that might be involved in the setting up of a multimodal center in our region and to introduce them with the idea of an MDC.

Furthermore, beyond the regional stakeholders, it is really important to take account of the international stakeholders, too. Our main scope is the North-Adriatic region, so it will be prepared an international analysis to estimate market conditions of these actors. After the implementation of the regional workshop and international analysis, we will organize an international workshop. The main goal of this event will be to put the regional actors with international stakeholders in touch.

With the help of these activities, it can be possible to let to know our conception about MDC with all stakeholders of this topic. Furthermore, the measurement of all needs make possible the successful cooperation.

The events and analysis is realized in the ADB multiplatform project (South East Europe transnational Cooperation Programme) with the cofinancing of Hungary.

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