PLUSTEX - More effeciency together

The next forum of PLUSTEX project in line was held in Szombathely on the 12th June. Italian, English, Bulgarian, Lithuanian, Polish and Hungarian partners all represented in the PBN organized forum.

PLUSTEX project is designed to explore the textile and clothing industry’s best practices in the regions involved in the program and to be accessible to the partners, as well as to implement the knowledge in the planning process.


During the project, the partners focus on the support of young entrepreneurs in the textile and clothing sector. Discuss where and how to support innovative business models and how to encourage the diversification of high quality products. How to use high-tech textiles and how to manufacture products targeted at a niche market.

The project focuses on the good practices of art, design and creativity as well as the means of internationalization of textile and garment firms and their potential cluster operations. In addition, the program pay attention to the eco-innovativeness and to strengthen social responsibility, as well as the promotion of the textile and clothing companies incubation and on the support of start-up companies. 

Based on the division of tasks within the project PBN is responsible for clustering and strengthening the international presence of the corporations.  Accordingly, the conference held in Szombathely is condensed around these two topics. Before the forum the partners took part in a study tour in STYL clothing factory where they get to know all of the preparation process and at the end the high-quality products.

At the conference in Park Hotel Pelikan previously collected good practices were presented, such as the Tuscan program supporting businesses in the region, and the English good practice, which is designed to support the traditional Harris Tweed brand survival and rethinking. The project also recognized a more successful program such as the Italian Prato city's web-based platform that introduces the major textile history of the city, or the textile incubation program of the French Lille city which has been supporting designers for ten years with market analysis, legal and other important information, and with the financial support for starting companies and innovative businesses for the elaboration of prototype financial support among others.

The main topic of this conference was to discuss the advantages of cooperation between corporations instead of using a separate search paths. Forming clusters would be the first step in trying to get a foothold in the international market.

Balázs Barta, CEO of PBN drew attention of the participants that the most important items of reaching foreign markets are language knowledge, capital and networking. Mr. Barta said, these three things are often missing at individual firms, however working together and uniting forces could resolve this issue. The corporations should trust each other and cooperate but in many cases it is a problem for them. Previously, many corporations did not consider clusters, however, recently has been so much pressure to succeed, so more and more firms are willing to co-operate.



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Pannon Business Network
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The project PLUSTEX is implemented by INTERREG IVC Programme, supported by the European Union and Hungary.